Friday, 9 December 2011

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is someone whose style I have always admired. She was mainly responsible for the 'Boho' trend circa 2004/2005, inspiring girls everywhere to copy her look of cute little smock dresses, denim waistcoats, frayed denim shorts, floppy hats and floral dresses. Although I was a fan of this look (and no doubt the 'Boho' trend will come around again at some point, as fashion trends tend to do. Come to think of it, elements of this style have been seen this summer into autumn, such as the floppy hats. And lets face it, denim shorts have never really gone anywhere! Anyway, I'm getting off track..), its her more recent style that really appeals to me.
Oh and also... she's bloody gorgeous!! 

Effortless, groomed, glowing and all in all, stunning!

Hey you, long time no see!

Eeeeeeeeeeek how much of a bad blogger am I?! My last post was over 2 months ago... That is far too long! My apologies, things have just been so hectic with uni, I've found it hard getting back into the swing of things and on top of that there is the pressure of finding a placement for next year.... STRESS!!!!! But all assignments have been completed for this term and I think now I can start to relax and get into the festive spirit!

Today I went to the Christmas Market in Manchester which should of got me all giddy for Christmas, but the weather in Manchester being like it is at the moment (rain, rain, hail, more rain and some gale force wind thrown in for good measure), and the fact I was lugging a suitcase around with me, I found it very hard to feel Christmassy!

So, what do you do to get into the festive spirit? Any tips?

Friday, 23 September 2011


Hi everyone! Sorry for lack of posting recently.. I've been very busy with a hen weekend and going back to uni and things so I haven't really had much chance to post, I promise once I'm back on top of everything I'll start posting more frequently.
Tonight I'm going to Warehouse Project in Manchester with Annie Mac, Jack Beats, The 2 Bears and many more! I'm very excited! I just have to decide what to wear now... My options are limited as I brought the most random selection of clothes back with me, what was I thinking! Shoes will have to be flats as they'll be lots of dancing til the early hours. I'll also need something cool and comfortable as its bound to get sweaty.. Any suggestions would be very grateful!

What are your plans for tonight and the weekend?

Thursday, 8 September 2011


So today is one of my many lazy days, but I actually have an excuse for once! I'm really not well at all, I have a very bad cough (I realise how pathetic that sounds but its really painful and uncomfortable and I can't sleep because of it), so here I am tucked up in bed watching crappy daytime TV. My dad keeps popping in with hot drinks and offering to make me food and, although I am 20 years old and perfectly capable of looking after myself, its always nice to be looked after and waited on! What I'm really craving though is some hot, chunky, chicken soup.. mmmm.


Whilst in bed I've been trawling endless websites compiling my shopping list as tomorrow is the best day of the month... PAY DAY! Although my wage won't even take me out of my overdraft, I feel I deserve a treat! And being permanently skint is what being a student is all about! (Or that's how I'm justifying it to myself!). So here's what I'm lusting after...

Faux Leather Turban Headband £18

Nars Sheer Lipstick 'Bararella' £17.50

Madison Leopard Print Loafers £32

Burgundy Heavy Weight Legging £18

Tuck Shift Dress £46

Sequin Collar Chiffon Top £24.99

Dark Red Midi Tube Skirt £15

Tan Fisherman's Jumper £28

I've selected a lot of autumn colours (particularly red!), not intentionally I just happened to like those pieces. But judging from the recent weather in England I think it's safe to say.. Autumn is almost upon us!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Chanel - Shade Parade

Another video post! It's all I seem to blog about these days but I saw this and thought it was so fun and cute!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Gucci Fall Winter 2011-2012 Ad Campaign

Yesterday I posted Lanvin's Fall 2011 Ad Campaign, and today is the turn of Gucci. Abbey Lee Kershaw looks stunning as always, and the clothes and styling is fabulous. Autumn is looking good!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Florence is that you?!!

Florence Welch is on the cover of Vogue Japan's October Issue... And I hardly recognised her!! I think she looks fabulous in this androgynous styling. It's so different from her usual look of long, flowing, wavy hair with feminine, floaty dresses, but it gets a big thumbs up from me! What do you think?

The Florence we're more used to seeing..

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Official Kate Moss and Jamie Hince Wedding Pictures!!

It was one of the most highly anticipated wedding's of the year, on the 1st July 2011 the marriage of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince took place. With Kate being the world-famous stylish supermodel that she is, and Jamie being the rock 'n' roll frontman of band The Kills, this wedding was bound to be a fashionable affair. And it certainly didn't disappoint! Of course I'm sure by now we've all seen sneaky pictures of the wedding in numerous magazines, but the official photographs (taken by Mario Testino - friend to the bride) are being showcased in the September issue of US Vogue. In the accompanying interview Kate talks about her beautiful dress which she worked on together with designer John Galliano.
After reading snippets of the interview it makes for a great read and the photos are truely gorgeous! I'm off to get my copy A.S.A.P!!!

These images and more can be found on

Friday, 29 July 2011

"Let them eat cake!"

I've just spent a very lazy afternoon (no change from any other but hey! It's the holidays!) watching one of my favourite films, Marie Antoinette. I love everything about the film from the gorgeous fashion, beautiful French scenery, fabulous hair and yummy cakes to the amazing soundtrack. Kirsten Dunst plays the ill-fated queen brilliantly and I think Sofia Coppola's directing makes for a stunning film. It portrays the lavish, decadent and luxurious lifestyle that Marie Antoinette lead which ultimately lead to the demise of Versailles, but I find it hard not to like this sweet naive Queen! 

Monday, 25 July 2011

Wish I was here...

Ahhhh... How gorgeous is that?! Santorini in Greece is somewhere I would love to go. I love the stunning white, blue-domed-topped buildings and that amazing deep blue sea. Bliss.
Instead, I'm stuck in Yorkshire. Now don't get me wrong I love my home county, but when everyone else is jetting off to exotic and exciting places it does get kinda depressing being stuck at home. But hey, a girl can dream! So this is a bit of an 'escapist' post for me, the fashion I'd wear if I was a glamorous globetrotter! (I've also found a few high street items for budget not-so-glamorous me, sigh!).

I love the floppy hats that are everywhere at the moment (as seen big and bold on the Prada catwalk). I also like the idea of just casually throwing a light knit over a bikini, it looks very chic I think!

Gorgeous. I love the beautiful shade of blue used in the outfits above, and when combined with the white... Stunning!! (And dontcha think I'd coordinate with the landscape of Santorini?). Top the look off with gold cuffs and bangles and a pair of gold strappy sandals and voila! A glamorous chic holiday look. (FYI, the photos used were featured in Vogue Paris editorial 'Paradis Bleu' photographed by  Cedric Buchet). 

Diane Von Furstenberg's Resort 2011 collection had some great looks for a holiday. I love the retro feel of the stripy bikini teamed with dark denim shorts and the knotted shirt with patterned shorts. And I want need the abstract print shirt that is teamed with a gorgeous white swimsuit. Hot pink lips, beachy waves and highlights finish off the look.

Etro Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear

Missoni Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear

Some lovely prints from Etro and Missoni that would look gorgeous in the hot sun.

These photos from Elle Mexico's July's issue are beautiful! I love the bright colours used and the luxurious look of the outfits. The ethnic and tribal hints just make it all the more gorgeous! Love love love!!

And now for the high street pieces:

Enamel End Stretchbar Bracelet £12 French Connection

Ethnic Tassel Long Pendant Necklace £16 Accessorize

Gold Crossover Strap Sandals £10 Dorothy Perkins

Maxi Dress with Gold Bar Keyhole £45 Asos

Nars Matte Lipstick in Jungle £17.50
Vintage Round Sunglasses £1 New Look (bargain!!!)

Wide Brim Hat £10.65 Forever 21

Oh and going back to my dream holiday, fantasy Me is dating David Gandy (yes I know he's going out with Mollie from The Saturdays but don't ruin my dream!). So yeh, this is what I'm holidaying with.. (I wish!!).