Friday, 9 December 2011

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is someone whose style I have always admired. She was mainly responsible for the 'Boho' trend circa 2004/2005, inspiring girls everywhere to copy her look of cute little smock dresses, denim waistcoats, frayed denim shorts, floppy hats and floral dresses. Although I was a fan of this look (and no doubt the 'Boho' trend will come around again at some point, as fashion trends tend to do. Come to think of it, elements of this style have been seen this summer into autumn, such as the floppy hats. And lets face it, denim shorts have never really gone anywhere! Anyway, I'm getting off track..), its her more recent style that really appeals to me.
Oh and also... she's bloody gorgeous!! 

Effortless, groomed, glowing and all in all, stunning!

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  1. she's simply amaze! x