Thursday, 7 July 2011


Just wondering if anyone could help me... When I try commenting on my own blog posts or posts on other blogs using my Google Account, it tells me I need to sign in, which I do, it then leads me back to the comment page where there is a preview of my comment (yet my name is 'Anonymous') and when I try posting that comment it takes me back to the Google Account page! It's very frustrating!

This is why I haven't replied to any comments you lovely people have left me and why I haven't commented on your blogs yet! Believe me, I've tried! Anyway, I'm sure there's a very simple solution to this and I'm just being stupid but I'm quickly losing my patience.. Grrrr!!

Any help will be huuuuuugely gratefully received!!!

Thankyou xx


  1. maybe you can log out, then log in again, or maybe you can try to follow any blog with press the follow button on other blog, then if they say u've to sign in first, u just have to sign in, and automatically your comment will also apply your name on it.
    i hope my info can help you :)
    anyway, nice to know your blog :D

  2. It happened to me too! All you need to do is sign in but don't tick the 'keep me signed in' box and it should work xxx

  3. thankyou so much for your help both of you! it was much appreciated and now I can finally post comments!! wahoo!! xx

  4. i started to follow
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  5. ah i wish i could help! I am still trying to figure out all the blogging stuff too. Hope you figure it out! I am now following you!


  6. I got the same problems some weeks ago. I was so desperate! but one day it worked again!

  7. consider yourself followed Polina, you have a lovely blog.

    Thanks Kate I've got it sorted now thankfully :) I'm still trying to figure it all out too! Thankyou I'm following you too.

    Sassi its so frustrating isn't it! I followed the advice on un-checking the 'keep signed in' box and it worked.. Phew!!